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to enforce a red line to protect an international norm, any decision by president obama to bomb syria will kill people. it will kill the guys working the nightschihift. people doing their jobs to put food on their family tables. daddy who went to work that morning will not be coming home because of what this president decides to do. the assad family will be okay, of course. the designers of that "vogue" magazine spread won't be angu h anguished by the sight of this thoroughly western family lying on the floor. no, the people who will die in an american cruise missile attack will be the working, praying little family people whose husbands do the scud work. war sucks. even in neat little bite-size act of war like the one that might come any day now. and, yet, and yet. how do we avoid this flagrant reality if we don't? those deciding in tehran right now whether to build a nuclear bomb are looking to see what the people in washington are doing. if we threaten the country, if it uses one weapon of mass destruction and goes ahead and ignores us, what worth does our threat hold against that
of barack obama's presidential campaign. he created the digital strategy that helped get president obama elected. last year he got married, he married sean eldridge in new york state. now, mr. hughes' new husband is running for congress as a democrat. the two of them are a democratic power couple from bright blue new york by way the bright blue california by way of harvard. to go along with his many, many millions and his liberal politics, mr. hughes last year bought a liberal magazine, the new republic, where you can find headlines like, new data that shows why the next republican nominee is screwed, and obstructing obama isn't in house republican's self-interest. john mccain, undecided 2016 voter, an exclusive interview. republican senator john mccain sitting down for an interview with the lefty smart kid of the new republic would be news in and of itself. check out what he says. the magazine asked him about the painful budget cuts forced by republicans in congress. the ones that were never supposed to happen. john mccain voted for those cuts which were supposed to scare congress into
. today's death toll is not yet clear. in response to the violence, president obama, today, interrupted his vacation to make a formal statement and to call off this year's operation bright star in egypt. >> while we want to sustain our relationship with egypt, our traditional cooperation cannot continue as usual when civilians are being killed in the streets and rights are being rolled back. as a result, this morning we notified the egyptian government that we are canceling our biannual joint military exercise which was scheduled for next month. >> in three decades, the only other times we have canceled our biannual fake wars with egypt were for real wars and real revolutions. is what's happening in egypt right now either of those things? and what has our close, very close relationship with that country's military bought us now in terms of influence? now that the military is in charge of that country? and what other options do we have that might make any difference at all to what is happening in that country's streets? joining us live in cairo is nbc news correspondent, ayman. thank you
obama that day got a phone call in the morning telling him that his grandmother had just died. she had died at the apartment in hawaii where he had lived with her for a time when he was a boy. he had been raised partially by his grandparents, by his mother's parents. he was very close to his grandparents. very close to his grandmother. this was the day before the presidential election in 2008 when she died. president obama took time that day to grieve on his own, then that night he came to north carolina just hours before the polls were due to open across the country. president obama did one last rally. a huge one. 25,000 people in the rain at the university of north carolina in charlotte. he talked about his grandmother that night. he said, she's gone home. she died peacefully in her sleep with my sister at her side. he said, i'm not going to talk about her too long, because it is hard for me to talk about. so with hours to go until election day, presidential candidate barack obama, that night before the election in 2008, he stood in the rain in charlotte and he cried during his speec
time. here he is at the same event with president obama. oh, please, won't somebody just give me a puppy? or maybe a python? maybe a wooden plank i could break with my forehead? yeah, that putin, patented putin posture that i would prefer not to be here posture, that got kind of an affectionate mention today in the east room of the white house. >> i don't have a bad personal relationship with putin. when we have conversations, they're candid, they're blunt. oftentimes they're constructive. i know the press likes to focus on body language and he's got that kind of slouch looking like the bored kid in the back of the classroom. but the truth is that when we're in conversations together, oftentimes it's very productive. >> president obama in a press conference at the white house today saying that vladimir putin looks like the slouchy bored kid in the back of the classroom. it's not a surprise that the press conference today focused in significant part on mr. obama's relationship with the russian president since u.s./russian relations are all over the headlines right now. it's not ju
of a tweet. a false tweet which said that president obama had been injured. >> it all began about 1:07 this afternoon. with this tweet from "associated press." "breaking, two explosions in the white house, and barack obama is injured." the message went to "ap's" 1.9 million twitter followers and spread like a virus. re-tweeted almost 5,000 times within a minute. but it was a fake. "ap's "account had been hacked. >> it partly explains the unusual activity in the dow. >> the dow began plunging, and within three minutes, dropped more than 140 points. >> you looked around the floor. you saw people running. you saw people upset. not sure what was going on. just watching this market trade lower. >> automatic trading programs kicked in. >> human beings weren't making these trades. these were computers. algorithms designed to skim the headlines and find negative or positive words and help companies profit on the results. >> minutes after that first message "ap's" corporate account tweeted it was bogus and suspended the "ap's" twitter page. >> i can say the president is fine. i was just with
've got 18. it all happened after president obama signed this law last december that's named for a russian lawyer who died in prison in russia. he died in police custody while he was investigating alleged corruption by russian officials. he had been in jail already for about a year when he died. after he died, russia went ahead with prosecuting him after death. there was evidence that he had been tortured and beaten prior to dying in prison, nobody was ever held accountable for killing him. in protest of that, this u.s. law was passed by the u.s. congress and signed by president obama in december. and it banned from entering into the united states, a whole list of russian officials. 18 russian officials thought to be either connected with this specific death or accused of other human rights abuses. russia, of course, was enraged by this, enraged by the rebuke, enraged that the united states would try to take some sort of moral high ground on human rights issues, russia protested vociferously and it ultimately led to the tit for tat list, banning 18 americans by name, if we're going to ban
. samantha power of course replaces susan rice who's now president obama's national security adviser. a lot of people expected this to be a big, hairy confirmation fight. but samantha power ended up getting 87 votes in the senate. so there you go. u.n. ambassador, confirmed. the senate also confirmed one of president obama's top judicial nominees before leaving town. the senate unanimously confirmed raymond chan to sit on the u.s. court of appeals for the federal circuit. now, that court deals with a lot of important stuff, including trademarks, patents, as well as veterans' claims. we also now officially have an atf director. the senate confirmed b. todd jones to lead the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives. this is the atf's first permanent director in seven years. they said it couldn't be done. but it got done. today we also got a look at the new jobs numbers for the month of july. the u.s. economy added 160,000 jobs for the month. the unemployment rate ticked down to its lowest level since before december of 2008. these numbers aren't exactly something to throw a party a
to the hundreds of thousands of people who have been deported during president obama's administration. border officials, as expected, detained all nine of them when they got to the border and shipped them off to a detention facility in arizona. now, the dream nine, these activists, that they did this on purpose. they have support. people knew they were going to do it. they have support. they have support online. they have support in the flesh, too. members of congress signed on to a letter to president obama asking that the dream nine be brought home, that they be allowed to stay. they're in the detention center in arizona for two weeks. but the surprise ending, at least the surprise next step here, is that they are not still in detention and they are not back in mexico. lulu martinez and the other members of the dream nine have been granted permission to apply for asylum which is a difficult thing to get, but a judge is going to hear their case. they'll get notices to appear in court to plead that case, and they meanwhile have been released to come back home. they made it back. joining us no
will that do? what choices does president obama have in terms of how to respond if we does want to respond militarily or otherwise? does congress get a say in the matter? and what happens if we are wrong about this? our government's track record on being wrong about chemical weapons is long. it spans multiple administrations for multiple reasons. if the use of chemical weapons really is going to be a real redline in the world that demands a response when it happens, why is the world waiting for our government to make up our government's own mind about whether this happened? instead of waiting for the u.n. weapons inspectors to say definitively one way or the other? the u.n. weapons inspectors are in syria right now. why is the world waiting on the u.s. government, especially with our track record on this issue? instead of waiting on the experts who are right now looking into this? joining u steve clemens, senior fellow at the new american foundation and washington editor at large for "the atlantic" magazine. thank you for being here. >> my pleasure, rachel. >> secretary kerry says there's
years of president obama's first term. about 60 bills passed before the august recess. and then the 2010 midterms happened. and congressional productivity plummeted. by that august recess, congress only managed to pass 28 bills that ultimately turned out to be the least productive session of congress ever. it was even worse than the do-nothing congress of the 1940s. they passed 28 bills by the august recess. this congress? 22. that's it. as "the washington post" noted today, this session of congress is on track to become even worse than the last session because they've been worse than the do 95 nothing congress. so as much as it might look like there's some incremental movement on some important things like student loans and senate confirmations, this still might be the least-productive congress that we have seen in our lifetimes. but maybe even worse than the possibility that this congress is on track to beat out the infamous do-nothing congress is the prospect that was raised today by the former house speaker and current minority leader in the house, nancy pelosi. >> after more than si
in president obama's first term. health reform obviously is the big one. something democrats have been trying to achieve for 60 years. president obama and the democrats in congress got that done. also, wall street reform to try to stop the worst of the abuses there that led to the financial crisis at the end of the bush presidency. to preclude the possibility of another giant wall street bailout like we had at the end of those years. also the lilly ledbetter fair pay act so women can sue to get equal pay as men doing the same work. also the nuclear arms treaty with russia. the s.t.a.r.t. treaty. repeal of don't ask, don't tell. expanding the hate crimes law. overhauling student loans to take out the weird subsidized private middleman in the loan system that was there for no reason. the 9/11 first responders bill. the stimulus. remember cash for clunkers? right. the president had a lot of legislative accomplishments in his first term. particularly when he had democratic majorities in both houses of congress. in his second term, the president has been pretty clear about what he's aiming to with
president obama alone. these protesters say they want a moratorium on the deportations, at least for now, while congress is considering the immigration reform bill that has already passed the u.s. senate. now, there was a change in tactics for this particular protest yesterday in phoenix. you've seen protests by the dreamers, right? often wearing caps and gowns. these are young people, people who were brought here, as kids, by their parents, many of whom have never known any other country besides this one, but they do not have a way to become legal residents or citizens here. those are the dreamers, named after the dream act, which was designed to help them, and that has been blocked in congress, but which president obama found a way to implement in part through executive action. at this protest in phoenix yesterday, by a group called "united we dream," the change in tactics here is that it was not just dream act kids. they say for the first time, it was also those kids' moms, who came with them, at great risk to themselves, of course, for the protest at the fence of this immigration det
president obama, that was passed through congress and signed into law. president obama signed the bill to fix that disparity with his attorney general eric holder looking on as he signed it. just two weeks ago attorney general eric holder issued dramatically new directions for federal prosecutors telling them essentially to stop charging people for most drug offenses in a way that would trigger those mandatory minimum sentences. a huge reversal. that's a huge reversal after 30 years of the laws and the guidelines always clamping down in the opposite direction. and then today biggest change yet. in november, colorado and washington state both passed ballot measures legalizing pot in small quantities for recreational use. lots of states have legalized the use of marijuana for medical purposes but in the last few years, more than a dozen states have done that. but in colorado and washington, voters said the police should not care why you are using pot. if you are using pot to get intoxicated, to get high, that should not be illegal in small amounts for personal use. pot should instead jus
, an excuse for inaction. >> president obama will ensure that the united states of america makes our own decisions on our own timelines based on our values and our interests. we know that after a decade of conflict, the american people are tired of war. believe me, i am, too. but fatigue does not absolve us of our responsibility. just longing for peace does not necessarily bring it about, and history would judge us all extraordinarily harshly if we turned a blind eye to a dictator's wanton use of weapons of mass destruction against all warnings, against all common understanding of decency. these things we do know. >> john kerry's extremely strong statement this afternoon seemed to leave almost zero doubt the white house intended to act unilaterally in syria with a military strike, but then rather confusingly, it was almost immediately followed up with a statement from the president, himself, at an event with baltic leaders that if not substantively opposed to kerry, the opposite in tone. >> the world has an obligation to make sure that we maintain the norm against the use of chemical wea
government also stepped up, five days before the '08 presidential election. then senator barack obama came on this show and name checked the u.s. power grid as something that maybe we ought to focus on more as a country. >> i think we have to rebuild our infrastructure. you look at what china's doing right now, their trains are faster than us, their ports are better than us, they are preparing for a very competitive 21st century economy. and we're not. one of the most important infrastructure projects we need is a whole new electricity grid. if we're going to be serious about renewable energy, i want to be able to get wind power from north dakota to population centers like chicago. >> on something like the electrical grid, that's an issue of american resilience, even against the threat of terrorism. a lot of times when you look at counter terrorism officials, the things they game out are an al qaeda attack on the electrical grid. at this point a snowstorm is an attack on our electrical grid. five days later, barack obama won the presidency. i'm still waiting for my follow-up interview. fou
, for example and there were several people at a faculty home celebrating the election of barack obama. and people in the room started to cry, and someone said to me, professor jones, did you think you live long enough to see an african-american elected president? i said no. but excuse me, my tears are not for the election of barack obama's president. my tears are for all of those persons that i personally knew, personally knew -- i called them wintertime soldiers, who made his election possible. and the president today and even earlier, he reflected that in the very poignant and moving speech. i thought he gave an exceptionally good speech today. it was balanced, it was right on the money, and near the end i could hear his moving over to be like a baptist preacher, i knew he had more sense than to completely go there. it was a beautiful speech. it was balanced. and as some of your guests have said, i heard on -- i don't know whether it was your show but the chris hayes show, is that we're realists. the dream substantially has been realized, john lewis said, anybody would have to be bl
your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. >>> if you look at president obama's schedule any day of the week or month or year, this is usually the first thing you see on that schedule. the president and vice president received the presidential daily briefing. the first thing in the morning, it happens day after day after day after day. it's very consistent. this is pretty much how every day starts for the president of the united states and usually the vice president, too. the presidential daily briefing, the pdb. it's the daily document that contains all the things the intelligence community thinks the president needs to know for that specific day. the pdb or some version of it has been around for more than 50 years. for most of those five decades it was delivered to the president by the head of the cia and then ultimately to the position that was created to be above the head of the cia which is the director of national intelligence. the pdb is a big deal as these things go. it is also classified. you are not the president unless you are watching, mr. president
press secretary for the obama administration. mr. burton, thank you for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> scale of 1 to 10, how tough a call is this? and should it be for chris christie? >> well, the word in there that matters is "tough." right? because chris christie builds his brand on the notion that he's this strong, tough guy, straightta straight-talking, larger than life character who can take on anybody. and when you consider that he's got this bill on his desk, he has three bills on his desk he could sign and actually make people safer in new jersey, and be a model for the rest of the country, but he's scared of rand paul in iowa, and he's scared of marco rubio in south carolina. it really undercuts his brand. now, i think the danger here is that should chris christie not veto the laws and sign them into law, they should worry about a guy like chris christie because he cuts this jib of being this guy who can come to washington, shake things up, maybe change how things get done. >> highest favorables in the nation. >> right. he does have this primary problem. at the end of t
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 86 (some duplicates have been removed)